For seven years, Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) has been the beneficiary of the event, with the 2022 event focusing on the issue of traditional medicine made from wildlife.

This year, for the 8th edition, we will be promoting the conservation of tortoise and freshwater turtles.

Turtle and tortoise exploitation for food and traditional medicines is a massive industry. The popularity of turtles and tortoises as pets is increasing. Mercy release at pagodas is a common practice.

The majority of native Vietnamese species are afforded protection under various laws and lists. Of Vietnam’s 26 native species, 23 species are protected under Vietnam’s wildlife protection laws, with eight of these being prohibited from any form of commercial trade. In addition, CITES lists 24 Vietnamese native species for which permits are required for any form of cross-border trade. Not surprisingly, the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species also classifies 23 of Vietnam’s native species as either critically endangered or endangered.

The laws protecting Vietnam’s native turtle species are in place, but unfortunately, they are on the brink of extinction in the wild. By working with law enforcement, mobilizing decision-makers, and gaining public support, we can reverse the trend that threatens the extinction of our native turtles. Our goal is to ensure that these precious animals continue to be a part of our future.

Support ENV’s efforts to protect tortoise and freshwater turtles in Vietnam with #Run4Turtles.

The illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam is endangering species all around the world. ENV’s mission is to eliminate demand, dismantle the trade, and save numerous species from extinction.

About ENV

Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) was established in 2000 as Vietnam’s first non-governmental organization focused on wildlife conservation. ENV has spearheaded efforts to end Vietnam’s illegal wildlife trade by employing out-of-the-box strategies that strengthen wildlife protection legislation and its application, provide support to law enforcement in addressing wildlife crime, and engage the public to reduce consumer demand and mobilize public action to protect wildlife. ENV is committed to securing a better future for wildlife, both in Vietnam and globally.

Since 2007, ENV has focused its activities in three major program areas that comprise ENV’s integrated approach for addressing illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.

Working with policy-makers to strengthen legislation, close loopholes in the law, and promote effective application of laws and policy that protect wildlife.

Strengthening law enforcement response to wildlife crime through direct support and assistance to law enforcement agencies in combatting wildlife crime.

Reducing consumer demand for wildlife products through investment in a long-term and sustained effort to influence public attitudes and behavior, including mobilizing public participation and action protecting wildlife by reporting wildlife crime.